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Ross Paterson - Summer Light in Watercolour

Ross Paterson is a renowned Australian painter who has a love of the landscape and a unique ability to interpret the distinctive character, light and atmosphere of his subject. Ross Paterson

Ross Paterson has been painting since the age of 16. He worked as an art teacher before becoming a full time painter in 1994. He has won numerous painting prizes, is a member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters group, is a much sought after tutor and has exhibited widely all over the world.

Summer Light in Watercolour with Ross Paterson

Painting around his home in northern Victoria, he travels into the Australian bush to paint views of the dry, hot countryside. He also tackles a street scene in the old mining town of Rushworth as well as a rickety wooden bridge over a rapidly drying out creek. Finally, he paints a further street scene from a sketch, working in his studio.

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Review - THE ARTIST - October 2010

Australian painter Ross Paterson has a magic touch, as he shows in Summer Light in Watercolour. In his studio in northern Victoria, Ross begins with some information on key points about concept, design and simplicity in watercolour painting. He then travels out into the Australian bush to paint two far-reaching landscape views, a street scene in the former gold-mining town of Rushworth, and an old wooden bridge with its exciting patterns of light and shade.

Ross’s technique is fascinating to watch. Usually he starts with a big mop brush and quick, broad, weak washes of colour to establish an underpainting to suit the mood and impact he ultimately wants to achieve. He then builds on this, often working wet-into-wet, but always considering tone and colour relationships across the whole painting. His film is a masterclass in capturing atmosphere and the essence of the subject.

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